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1. No Griefing

Please refrain from destroying other players builds whether they’re claimed or not. Griefing also includes claiming someone else’s base or making a claim with intent to disturb another player.

2. No Raiding

Do not take items from other players unless you’re given consent by the owner of the items. “Abandoned” buildings and chests are also off limits.

3. Safe Claim Distance

Please claim 200 blocks away from any other claim unless given permission by the original claim owner. You may risk losing your claim if it’s too close to another player.

4. No Harassment

Harassment, racism, and sexism will not be tolerated. Spamming and excessive swearing is also not allowed. The main chat is an English only channel. Please do not impersonate staff or other players nor abuse the /nick command to do so. Also, please refrain from begging for items, ranks, or teleports in game.