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Getting Started With Land Claim

Before we get started, welcome to Semivanilla Land Claim! If you’re reading this guide, the chances are you’re likely a new user or need help in-game. Whatever the case, we want to thank you for choosing Semivanilla and taking the time to read this guide. We’d advise reading the whole guide throughout your time at Semivanilla and using it as a reference when you have questions or need guidance.

Server  Information

Started on May 3rd, 2018, Semivanilla Land Claim is a strongly economically based Minecraft server.

Rules and Permissions

1. No Griefing

Please refrain from destroying other players builds whether they’re claimed or not. Griefing also includes claiming someone else’s base or making a claim with intent to disturb another player.

2. No Raiding

Do not take items from other players unless you’re given consent by the owner of the items. “Abandoned” buildings and chests are also off limits.

3. Safe Claim Distance

Please claim 200 blocks away from any other claim unless given permission by the original claim owner. You may risk losing your claim if it’s too close to another player.

4. No Harassment

Harassment, racism, and sexism will not be tolerated. Spamming and excessive swearing is also not allowed. The main chat is an English only channel. Please do not impersonate staff or other players nor abuse the /nick command to do so. Also, please refrain from begging for items, ranks, or teleports in game.

Getting Started and Where to Setup

Semivanilla features a random teleport command (/RTP) that allows players to randomly teleport from 5,000 blocks to 25,000 blocks. This command can be used every 60 seconds and helps spread users out across the land.

The spawn is 128 x 128 and the first 5,000 blocks are dedicated to community builds such as towns and other interesting sites for explorers to visit. Please only build here if you intend on building a public creation.

You can make your first claim by placing your “Starter Chest” down that you received in the starter kit. If you don’t have a chest or want to keep it for another time, you can use the command /claim or use the golden shovel that you received in your starter kit. If you lost your shovel and want a new one, you can type /kit daily to receive another kit with starter tools. This kit can only be used once every 24 hours.

Economical Information


Type /jobs to view a list of available jobs. You can choose 3 jobs at a time and have the option to change your jobs at any time. You earn money depending on the job you choose and the tasks you perform. For example, a miner would receive money for mining, but wouldn’t receive money for woodcutting.

Chest Shops

Players have the ability to sell and buy items using chests.

Buying/Selling Claim Blocks

When you start on Semivanilla you receive an initial 100 claim blocks. On an hourly basis you will an additional 100 claim blocks and [Guest]’s can obtain up to 2,000 claim blocks. To obtain more claim blocks you can use the following commands:

/buyclaimblocks <amount> – Allows you to buy claim blocks for $25/ea in-game cash.

/sellclaimblocks <amount> – Allows you to sell claim blocks for $20/ea in-game cash.

Community and Discord

You can join our discord by clicking here!

Applying for Staff

Staff applications open on a monthly basis. Please check the News section to see the latest staff application postings. You must be a member for at least 1 week before being considered for staff. Staff will be hired on an as-needed basis.