How to Get Started

//How to Get Started

How to Get Started

Looking to get started on Semivanilla? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This guide will teach you the ins and outs of the server and catch you up so you can start your reign across the lands.

Semivanilla is a genuine Minecraft survival server. We feature non-game enhancing plugins that maintain the original Minecraft experience. In basic terms, we like to keep things simple. Our server thrives on its economy and is constantly growing to be the largest multiplayer survival server in the Minecraft community.

Establishing a Base

The first thing people usually like to do in survival is to find a nice piece of land to settle on. There’s nothing wrong with that, but doing it in the wrong location can be costly. Semivanilla has a random teleport command with a 10,000 block radius that users often use to collect resources and raid bases. Building your base within 10,000 X or Z puts your base at risk of being found randomly. It’s suggested building outside this radius to prevent random raids and attacks.

With that being said, many users who don’t know or don’t care about this rule still build their base within 10,000 blocks. It’s sort of a “hide in clear sight” tactic, and their bases can go undetected. This trick works especially well if you put a decoy base that looks raided, and use an underground base.

Additionally, you can build sky bases, water bases, nether bases, and end bases. Many users have multiple bases that they use to separate their resources, build alliances, and use for farming. Having multiple bases can help you keep your assets separate.

Earning Money

There are multiple ways to earn money in Semivanilla. The first and most common is voting. You will receive $1,000 in-game for your first vote and $1,000 for each voting site. You can also type /voteshop to purchases diamonds with your voting points that accumulate in addition to the money. You will also receive bonus money and diamonds if a voting party is reached and you have 3 daily votes.

Secondly, money can be earned by selling items and blocks in-game. The two methods of selling blocks include /warp shop where you can use sell signs or you can sell to other players. If you’d rather sell the items to another player, you can use /ah which will open the user auction house.

The last method of earning money is through a real-world donation. The donation store offers 3 types of packages for a money boost. All proceeds go towards supporting the server and it benefits you as a player!


Raiding and griefing is just another part of Semivanilla. Any area that is unprotected is fair game to be raided or griefed. Users will not receive their items after a raid or grief unless it’s deemed illegitimate (i.e hacking/abuse).


Events will be held on a weekly basis. We’re currently looking for dedicated events staff so if you believe you have what it takes to be a host, apply today!

All events are optional to participate in and can offer additional in-game rewards and benefits at no cost! Events are unbiased and maintained by staff.

Staff Team

Our staff team is a group of exceptional members that are there to help and support you in your survival experience! They’re the same as regular players, but they have special permissions to intervene in the event a situation gets out of hand.

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