Official Staff Applications

//Official Staff Applications

Official Staff Applications

Have you been waiting to apply for the Semivanilla Staff Team? Well now’s your chance! Semivanilla Minecraft Survival Server is hiring! We’re officially reopening our staff applications and taking a new approach at how players are hired. We’re also working out a few kinks and ideas, so please leave any suggestions on the forums!

In the form, we’ve included a guideline and some tips/advice that will help with your staff application. Read through this advisement to help you get on track to becoming the next Semivanilla Staff Member! Also, be sure to read below for the available positions and to learn more about what we’re looking for.

Click here to apply for staff now!

Staff applications will be held on a monthly basis based on how many staff members we need. With that being said, if we don’t need staff for a month, we won’t conduct any interviews in that time period.

Available Positions

The following positions are open this month: Administrator, Moderator, and Helper. Below is a small synopsis on the responsibilities and duties of each position. These are all volunteer positions and require no more than 1 – 3 hours of commitment daily.

Administrator (1 Position Available)

Administrators are players who we look at to keep the server online. They manage the back end including the server maintenance, plugins, and the staff team. Their job doesn’t regard as much player to player interaction, and they always have the bigger picture in mind. It’s not about where we are today, but where we could be! It’s recommended to have programming experience or plugin familiarity (or the desire to learn). Administrators maintain the Moderator team and ensure they’re happy and working to the best of their abilities.¬†Users who have a desire but no experience are suggested to apply for a lower position and work their way up.

Moderators (1 Position Available)

Moderators are the backbone to any good server. They deal with player to player interaction, in-game issues, and are seen as problem solvers. The moderators at Semivanilla are held to a higher standard than the average player and as a result are given special permissions to help them perform their duties.

Helpers (1 Position Available)

Previously helpers were regular members given permissions in the event that a staff member higher in the hierarchy wasn’t available. Eventually we moved forward and created a dedicated helper team. Now helpers are seen as the go-to people in player to player interaction and can direct the attention of any problem to the correct members of staff. They have kick/mute/ban privileges and can deal with urgent situations almost immediately.

What do we need from staff?

Now you know what positions are available and have the resources to apply, but what is Semivanilla really looking for?

The first trait we’re looking for is maturity. We need someone who understands that staff is as much as responsibility as it is a privilege. In some cases you’re going to be in high pressure situations, so we wan’t to know you can deal with them maturely and accordingly.

Secondly, we’re looking for activity. There’s no point in hiring a staff member if they’re not going to have an impact on the community. We want a staff member who is going to change and grow the server, not keep things stagnant or who members aren’t familiar with. Understand that by applying for staff you’re going to be looked at to make things better. You can’t do that if you don’t log in.

The last thing we look for is integrity. We want people who will stick with the server through thick and thin. There are always going to be rough patches in any project, but we always persevere and we hope that the staff team will to. Semivanilla is here for the long term so if you’re ready to be staff, we’re ready to have you!

If you think you have what it takes, apply today!

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