The First Official Build Competition

//The First Official Build Competition

The First Official Build Competition

Over the weekend, we welcomed back the first builder of Semivanilla, nODZE. Throughout the next few days nODZE will be building a new server spawn with a medieval theme in Area 51. He is a well-versed builder with talent that includes worldedit and voxel sniper. You can see some of his builds here.

During his first day back, he was challenge by WubbaJack5235 to show off his skills. You can see the competition finals below. Each builder was given creative mode and 30 minutes to design the best Minecraft Steampunk Airship. Based on spectator votes, nODZE won.

Minecraft Steampunk Air Ship

nODZE’s Minecraft Steampunk Air Ship

Minecraft Button and Lever

nODZE’s ship is operated with a single button and lever

Minecraft Steampunk Ship

WubbaJack5235’s Minecraft Steampunk Air Ship

Think you have what it takes to beat nODZEĀ in a build competition? I certainly don’t, but that’s okay! In the future, we plan on holding similar (and fairly matched) events that all users are allowed to participate in. Stay tuned for further updates and leave your suggestions in the comments down below or on the forums!

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