The New PVP Zone

//The New PVP Zone

The New PVP Zone

Are you a PVP fanatic? Well if so, then we’ve got some news for you! Semivanilla is trying to improve the in-game PVP experience. We’re doing this by introducing a new PVP arena that is completely unprotected.

/warp pvp

Head over to /warp pvp to check out this new arena, but be aware, this zone is completely unprotected!

This zone differs from the arena because it offers unrestricted warfare. The zone is surrounded by giant blue glass walls that work as a border to keep enemies in. This is beneficial because you can go face to face combat without interruption or your enemy evading deep into the endless map of Minecraft.

Another reason this warzone is beneficial is because it’s indestructible. Unlike fighting outside, the arena is protected by the Semivanilla gods and keeps players safe from TNT and other various traps.

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